Are Starbucks Bagels Vegan? Plain, Everything Bagels

Starbucks plain, everything, and cinnamon & raisin bagels are all vegan. The everything & cheddar bagel is not vegan. Check the ingredients of seasonal bagels for non-vegan ingredients. Starbucks has become one of the more popular vegan destinations in the last few years, thanks to the variety of plant-based beverages they offer.  Today, you can … Read more

23 Best Vegan Superfoods You Don’t Know (Maybe)

the 23 best vegan superfoods

The term ‘superfoods’ has recently grown in popularity, and more people are looking to include some of these foods in their regular diets. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, while there’s no specific definition for it, a superfood is any food that fulfills three main criteria: Offers significant quantities of nutrients needed by the … Read more

10 Best Vegan Protein Powders – Plant-Based Protein Powder

Vegan nutrition has come a long way in the last decade, with innovative health supplements flooding the market every year. Plant-based protein powder used to be pretty basic and formulated so that vegans could get their hands on a protein supplement rather than with any real taste in mind. But today’s vegan protein powders come … Read more

Is Protein Powder Vegan? – Whey, Casein, Plant-Based

Is protein powder vegan?

Protein powder has become a popular supplement for most of us who take fitness seriously. Aside from boosting muscle gain, certain protein powders also help relieve soreness and enhance recovery enabling us to push longer and harder during workouts. However, while the benefits are clear for all to see, is it safe to consume protein … Read more

7 Best Vegan Meal Kits in 2022

best vegan meal kits

No matter what kind of diet or lifestyle you subscribe to, there’s no denying that cooking takes time — a lot of time. And it’s not just cooking you need time for, either — you need to make sure you also set time aside to shop for ingredients and prep them. Then, there’s the cleanup that comes … Read more

Best Vegan Multivitamins | Men, Women, Kids, Prenatal

best vegan multivitamins

It can be challenging to ensure you’re giving your body the proper nutrition on a vegan diet. And while supplementing can make up for the missing nutrients, it’s difficult to find supplements free from animal products. Most vitamin and mineral supplements contain gelatin, caprylic acid (from milk), and carmine (from beetles). In this article, we’ll … Read more

10 Best Blenders for Vegans | Plant-Based Diets, Smoothies

best blenders for vegans

Not everyone uses their blender frequently — in fact, their blender gets used quite sparingly for some. However, if you live a plant-based lifestyle, you might find that your blender plays a more significant role in your kitchen than other appliances. One thing is for sure, because your blender takes such a central role in … Read more

7 Best Vegan Omega-3 Supplements – EPA, DHA, DPA, ALA

best vegan omega-3 supplements

When you first go vegan, it can be challenging to ensure you’re putting all the vital nutrients into your body. Aside from protein and B12, which are frequently touted as ‘missing’ from a plant-based diet, most vegans are susceptible to a deficiency in Omega-3. What is Omega-3 and Why Do We Need It? Omega-3 fatty … Read more

The 9 Essential Amino Acids for Vegans [Valuable Guide]

The 9 essential amino acids for vegans

Amino acids are the building blocks of the human body as they are, essentially, what protein is composed of. Our bodies use amino acids to repair tissue, regenerate cells, and carry out various other essential functions. Without amino acids, the body would be unable to carry out its most basic function — the preservation and … Read more

Is Kit Kat Vegan? New Kit Kat V

is kit kat vegan?

The original Kit Kat has been non-vegan for a long time. However, a vegan variety of the popular candy was launched in 2021, as the world continues to explore plant-based foods.  In this blog post, you’ll learn more about the world’s famous Kit Kat and its common varieties and why they are not suitable for … Read more