Is Edamame Vegan? Plant-Based Health Benefits

edamame with chili on it

Edamame is plant-based and vegan. Edamame is the Japanese word for soybeans that are picked when they’re still green before they turn into soybeans used to make tofu and other soy products. As they are picked early, edamame tends to be much softer and edible, unlike hardened mature soybeans. Considering that edamame refers to a … Read more

Is Miso Soup Vegan? You’ll Be Surprised

Is miso soup vegan?

You’ll be surprised to know that traditional miso soup is not vegan because the stock contains tuna shavings. But it is possible to make vegan versions of miso soup. Miso soup, originally from Japan, is slowly gaining popularity in the West thanks to its pungent flavor and distinct taste. This dish is typically served with … Read more

Is Starbucks Mocha Vegan? Peppermint, White Chocolate, Sauce

Is Starbucks Mocha vegan?

The Starbucks mocha lattes and frappuccinos can all be prepared vegan with plant-based milk (without whip cream or dark chocolate curls), with the exception of the white chocolate mocha, which isn’t vegan. Starbucks has gradually added vegan options to its menu over the last couple of years. Most Starbucks bagels are vegan and have other delectable plant-based … Read more

Is Corn Syrup Vegan? What about High-Fructose Corn Syrup?

Is Corn Syrup Vegan?

Corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup are entirely plant-based and vegan. Corn syrup is a popular sweetener used in most processed foods today. And because the term doesn’t exactly disclose where the syrup comes from, it can be confusing for vegans to figure out how it’s sourced. Fortunately for the plant-based audience reading this, high-fructose … Read more

Are Starbucks Bagels Vegan? Plain, Everything Bagels

Starbucks plain, everything, and cinnamon & raisin bagels are all vegan. The everything & cheddar bagel is not vegan. Check the ingredients of seasonal bagels for non-vegan ingredients. Starbucks has become one of the more popular vegan destinations in the last few years, thanks to the variety of plant-based beverages they offer.  Today, you can … Read more

Is Protein Powder Vegan? – Whey, Casein, Plant-Based

Is protein powder vegan?

Protein powder has become a popular supplement for most of us who take fitness seriously. Aside from boosting muscle gain, certain protein powders also help relieve soreness and enhance recovery enabling us to push longer and harder during workouts. However, while the benefits are clear for all to see, is it safe to consume protein … Read more

Is Kit Kat Vegan? New Kit Kat V

is kit kat vegan?

The original Kit Kat has been non-vegan for a long time. However, a vegan variety of the popular candy was launched in 2021, as the world continues to explore plant-based foods.  In this blog post, you’ll learn more about the world’s famous Kit Kat and its common varieties and why they are not suitable for … Read more

Is Seitan Vegan?

is seitan vegan?

Seitan is made with wheat flour. Therefore it is completely vegan. Meat substitutes have been around for generations, but the mock meat industry only came into the spotlight with the advent of veganism. As the health, environmental, and spiritual benefits of going vegan started to proliferate public knowledge through mass media, more people decided to … Read more

Is Lanolin Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

Is Lanolin Vegan?

Lanolin is a waxy substance obtained from the secretion of wool-growing animals. Some of the methods of obtaining lanolin are cruel and therefore it’s not vegan. Lanolin is considered non-vegan by most vegans. However, like many other controversial ingredients, you never miss a section of vegans comfortable with its use.  Understanding the reasons behind the … Read more