Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? 5 Best Vegan Dark Chocolate

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan?

Most dark chocolate brands are vegan. However, some manufacturers still use milk and other animal derivatives in their recipes. It’s best to always check the ingredients label. The consumption of chocolate (or rather cacao, a bean used to make chocolate) dates back thousands of years. In fact, the first ‘hot chocolate’ was a cacao-based drink … Read more

Is Tempeh Vegan?

is tempeh vegan?

Tempeh is a vegan, soy-based fermented food. It does not contain any animal ingredients. Lately, the vegan population has been growing at an alarming rate. Thanks to increasing awareness of the benefits involved, both personally and to the planet as a whole, more people finally see sense in switching to a plant-based diet. And along with … Read more

Is Chapstick Vegan? Chapstick Alternatives

Is Chapstick Vegan?

Chapstick is not vegan. This famous lip balm uses lanolin oil, which is unethically obtained from sheep’s wool. Dehydrated and dried lips are a common problem worldwide, and in some cases, it can be quite painful. Luckily for us, the idea of chapstick was invented in the 1800s. Since then, people have been able to … Read more

Is Blue 1 Vegan? Natural Alternatives

is blue 1 vegan?

Though it does not contain animal ingredients, Blue 1 is not vegan because it is sometimes tested on animals. Blue 1, also known as Brilliant Blue FCF, FD&C Blue No. 1, Acid Blue 9, and E133 is a blue colorant. Similar to the other dyes, this intense blue color is used in everything from candies, … Read more

Is Yellow 6 Vegan? What about Red 40 & Yellow 5?

Is Yellow 6 Vegan?

Based on our previous articles on Red 40 and Yellow 5, we know the dangers of artificial dyes. Then why are they still being used in our food, medicinal, cosmetic, and fashion products?  Artificial dyes are dispensable add-ons used in our foods. They’re not added for taste, nor for nutritional value, but for the only purpose to make … Read more

Is Tofu Vegan? Healthy Plant-Based Alternative to Meat

is tofu vegan?

Tofu is 100% vegan. It is made from soybeans and soy milk. In addition, replacing meat with tofu has several health benefits. When switching to a plant-based diet, many new vegans actively seek an ingredient that will replace the ‘meaty’ texture they’ve become used to on a non-vegan diet. If you search online, you’re sure to … Read more

Is Yellow 5 Vegan?

is yellow 5 vegan?

Yellow 5 is not vegan. This yellow food coloring does not contain animal ingredients and is plant-based, but it’s sometimes tested on animals. In recent years, we have seen a change in health and lifestyle choices. Like you and I, consumers are now more aware of the dangers of pesticides and many other unnatural chemicals … Read more

Is Soy Milk Vegan? Plant-Based Alternative to Dairy Milk

is soy milk vegan?

Soy milk is vegan. It’s 100% plant-based, non-dairy, and made from soybeans. It’s a great and healthier alternative to dairy milk. In recent years, soy milk has gained immense popularity as an alternative to dairy milk. And with the plant-based industry growing at such a rapid pace, more and more people are consuming soy milk … Read more

Is Red 40 Vegan? Food Coloring Ingredient

is red 40 vegan

Red 40 is not vegan. Even though it does not contain animal ingredients and is plant-based, it is sometimes tested on animals. Red Dye is a commonly seen word under the ingredients of our favorite candies like Jolly Rancher, M&Ms, and many other colorful red candies. It is also used in Jell-O, cookies, pickles, sauces, … Read more

Is Vaseline Vegan and Cruelty-Free? Petroleum Jelly

Is Vaseline vegan and cruelty-free?

Traditional Vaseline is vegan and is considered cruelty-free because it is made entirely from petroleum jelly. Vaseline’s other moisturizers, such as their Intensive Care Lotions, may not be vegan because they contain glycerin, an ingredient sometimes derived from animal fats or plants. The concept of veganism encompasses more than just the food we eat. It … Read more