Is Blistex Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

is Blistex vegan?

Chapped, dry lips have been a problem for generations and were only dealt with in the 1800s when lip balm was first invented. Today, you can find a variety of lip balms to treat a host of different issues. For example, certain lip balms are designed to thoroughly moisturize and revive chapped lips, while others … Read more

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? 5 Best Vegan Dark Chocolate

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan?

The consumption of chocolate (or rather cacao, a bean used to make chocolate) dates back thousands of years. In fact, the first ‘hot chocolate’ was a cacao-based drink that the people of the Aztec civilization consumed. They would brew a spicy version of hot cocoa, and entire tribes would consume the drink during religious rituals … Read more

Is Tempeh Vegan?

is tempeh vegan?

Lately, the vegan population has been growing at an alarming rate. Thanks to increasing awareness of the benefits involved, both personally and to the planet as a whole, more people finally see sense in switching to a plant-based diet. And along with this change, there’s been a sudden spike in demand for plant-based foods. Today, you’ll … Read more

Is Chapstick Vegan? Chapstick Alternatives

Is Chapstick Vegan?

Dehydrated and dried lips are a common problem worldwide, and in some cases, it can be quite painful. Luckily for us, the idea of chapstick was invented in the 1800s. Since then, people have been able to keep their lips moisturized whenever necessary. What is Chapstick? ‘Chapstick’ refers specifically to the brand name of a … Read more

Is Blue 1 Vegan? Natural Alternatives

is blue 1 vegan?

Blue 1, also known as Brilliant Blue FCF, FD&C Blue No. 1, Acid Blue 9, and E133 is a blue colorant. Similar to the other dyes, this intense blue color is used in everything from candies, ice cream, soft drinks, dairy products, to canned peas, toothpaste, soap, and other hygiene and cosmetics products, and possibly … Read more

Is Yellow 6 Vegan? What about Red 40 & Yellow 5?

Is Yellow 6 Vegan?

Based on our previous articles on Red 40 and Yellow 5, we know the dangers of artificial dyes. Then why are they still being used in our food, medicinal, cosmetic, and fashion products?  Artificial dyes are dispensable add-ons used in our foods. They’re not added for taste, nor for nutritional value, but for the only purpose to make … Read more

Is Tofu Vegan? Healthy Plant-Based Alternative to Meat

is tofu vegan?

When switching to a plant-based diet, many new vegans actively seek an ingredient that will replace the ‘meaty’ texture they’ve become used to on a non-vegan diet. If you search online, you’re sure to find meat alternatives that, while replicating the texture, tend to be highly-processed and unsuitable for regular consumption. But if you’re looking for … Read more

Is Yellow 5 Vegan?

is yellow 5 vegan?

In recent years, we have seen a change in health and lifestyle choices. Like you and I, consumers are now more aware of the dangers of pesticides and many other unnatural chemicals and are opting for cleaner, healthier choices, not just for our health but also for the health of the environment, nature, and all … Read more

Is Red 40 Vegan? Food Coloring Ingredient

is red 40 vegan

Red Dye is a commonly seen word under the ingredients of our favorite candies like Jolly Rancher, M&Ms, and many other colorful red candies. It is also used in Jell-O, cookies, pickles, sauces, ketchup, cosmetics (from lipstick to toothpaste), soda, prescription drugs, and many others to give the product its bright red color. Although Red … Read more