Vega Sport Protein Review 2023

vega sport protein review

Protein is an essential element of any well-balanced diet. And supplementing your meals with a vegan protein powder is the most effective way to get ample protein on a plant-based diet. The protein powder from Vega Sport provides 30g of clean, organic protein per serving. This protein blend is made from pea protein, organic pumpkin … Read more

Iron Vegan Sprouted Protein Review

2 flavors of iron vegan sprouted protein

Today’s top athletes are becoming aware of how a plant-based diet can help them by supporting a more rigorous training session and boosting overall athletic performance. Quick recovery, reduced muscle soreness, improved digestion, and a lighter body frame are a few of the many┬ábenefits of a plant-based diet. Aside from eating their regular meals, most … Read more

7 Best Vegan Yoga Mats that are Eco-Friendly

Yoga is a physical discipline that goes hand in hand with a conscious lifestyle geared towards an awareness of the food we eat and how we interact with our environment. While the practice of yoga may be focused on physical fitness, its principles extend beyond the realm of the body. Yoga teaches us to make … Read more

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