Is Yellow 5 Vegan?

is yellow 5 vegan?

Yellow 5 is not vegan. This yellow food coloring does not contain animal ingredients and is plant-based, but it’s sometimes tested on animals. In recent years, we have seen a change in health and lifestyle choices. Like you and I, consumers are now more aware of the dangers of pesticides and many other unnatural chemicals … Read more

Is Red 40 Vegan? Food Coloring Ingredient

is red 40 vegan

Red 40 is not vegan. Even though it does not contain animal ingredients and is plant-based, it is sometimes tested on animals. Red Dye is a commonly seen word under the ingredients of our favorite candies like Jolly Rancher, M&Ms, and many other colorful red candies. It is also used in Jell-O, cookies, pickles, sauces, … Read more

Plant-Based Hot Beverages with Health Benefits

Plant-Based hot beverages with health benefits

When we think about going vegan, we often feel that we have to give up on our favorite vanilla or peppermint chocolate latte. Contrary to popular belief, going vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing your treasured morning cuppa’ joe. You can still have that coffee and drink it too (with plant-based milk, of course). Vegan Hot Drinks with Health Benefits … Read more

Is Vaseline Vegan and Cruelty-Free? Petroleum Jelly

Is Vaseline vegan and cruelty-free?

Traditional Vaseline is vegan and is considered cruelty-free because it is made entirely from petroleum jelly. Vaseline’s other moisturizers, such as their Intensive Care Lotions, may not be vegan because they contain glycerin, an ingredient sometimes derived from animal fats or plants. The concept of veganism encompasses more than just the food we eat. It … Read more

Is Baileys Irish Cream Vegan?

Is Baileys Irish Cream Vegan?

The original Baileys Irish Cream is not vegan because it contains cream derived from dairy. However, there is a vegan alternative made from almond milk, Baileys Almande. Turning vegan comes with a host of incredible benefits, including smoother digestion, better blood flow, and a feeling that you positively impact the environment somehow. However, one of … Read more

Is Nutritional Yeast Vegan? Health Benefits & Vitamin B12

Is nutritional yeast vegan?

Nutritional yeast is totally vegan. The yeast is primarily obtained from plant-based sources such as sugarcane or beet molasses. In your journey towards living an all-plant diet, you would have probably come across nutritional yeast, a versatile ingredient that may have been alien to you and non-existent in your pantry before converting to veganism. But … Read more

Is Johnnie Walker Vegan? Blended Scotch Whisky

Is Johnnie Walker vegan?

Johnnie Walker is completely vegan. The blended Scotch whiskey company does not use any animal-derived fining agents. Johnnie Walker happens to be one of the world’s most famous whiskies, as well as one that whisky aficionados are most skeptical of. It’s despised by a select few who believe that no one should be paying top … Read more

Is Soy Sauce Vegan? Everything You Need to Know

Is Soy Sauce Vegan?

Soy or soya sauce is vegan. It is often made from soybeans, wheat, salt and water. The meat and dairy industry has, for decades, tried its best to make the consumption of vegan alternatives like soy, seem like an unnatural and unhealthy process. And considering the stigma surrounding veganism, it’s been relatively easy for them … Read more

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