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Vega Sport Protein Review 2023

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023 at 02:53 pm

Protein is an essential element of any well-balanced diet. And supplementing your meals with a vegan protein powder is the most effective way to get ample protein on a plant-based diet.

The protein powder from Vega Sport provides 30g of clean, organic protein per serving. This protein blend is made from pea protein, organic pumpkin seed protein, organic sunflower seeds, and alfalfa.

The two key ingredients in Vega Sport protein, aside from the variety of nutrients it offers, are BCAAs and tart cherry. We will explore these ingredients in detail and discuss why Vega Sport Protein is a worthwhile investment in optimizing your nutrition. In fact, it’s on our list of the best plant-based protein powders.


The protein used in muscle synthesis comprises 20 amino acids — 11 are non-essential, while 9 are essential amino acids. The human body cannot synthesize essential amino acids, and hence they must be included in your diet.

BCAAs refer to ‘branched-chain amino acids,’ which are a set of 3 essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The presence of BCAAs in the diet has been directly linked with muscle growth, reduced soreness, and enhanced muscle recovery.

Leucine, in particular, is vital to the process of building muscle as it acts as a catalyst and initiates the process of muscle growth. By including BCAAs in your diet, you give your body a regular supply of these 3 essential amino acids to help boost muscle growth and speed up recovery.

Each serving of Vega Sport Protein powder provides 5g of BCAAs.

Tart Cherry 

The presence of tart cherry makes this protein mix an excellent supplement for those engaging in any form of intense physical activity. 

This ingredient is rich in antioxidants which aid in muscle recovery and relieve the effects of post-workout strain.

Tart cherry is also an effective anti-inflammatory and helps your muscles destress, reduces soreness, and speeds up the recovery process.

Additionally, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help the body relax and promote deep sleep, both of which are essential to staying consistent with any physical training routine.

Of course, Vega Sport Protein also offers various nutrients found in most other high-end vegan protein powders. But the presence of BCAAs and tart cherry will give you the necessary fuel to push yourself in any physical activity that you engage in.

Why Vega Sport Protein? 

Vega Sport Protein vanilla

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The only downside to the Vega Sport Protein mix is the cost involved in procuring it. Most high-quality, organic protein powders tend to be expensive, and it can be financially taxing to supplement your diet with this protein mix regularly.

That being said, the benefits offered by this protein blend make it ideal for those looking to take their workout to the next level.

Vega Sport Protein Review

Vega Sport Protein ingredients

1. Delicious Taste 

Unlike most gritty plant-based proteins, Vega’s protein blend tastes great and mixes well with water or any plant-based milks. It’s has a translucent, creamy texture and comes in various flavors, including berry, chocolate, mocha, and vanilla.

2. Clean Nutrition

All ingredients used in this protein blend are 100% organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Additionally, this protein mix is free from artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Clean nutrition at its finest.

3. Enhanced Performance

The presence of BCAAs and tart cherry increases protein synthesis and accelerates muscle growth.

These ingredients also enhance the muscle recovery rate after a workout, enabling you to stay consistent with a workout program which can often be difficult when you are experiencing chronic muscle soreness.

4. Mood Enhancer

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Vega Sport Protein help cope with muscle stress. A bad mood can often be attributed to muscle fatigue or soreness, and Vega helps alleviate these adverse effects.

Additionally, the probiotics contained in this mix can be an effective mood enhancer. Pushing your physical limits can be mentally demanding as well, and with this protein blend, you can mitigate the effects of mental stress to a large extent.

Bottom Line

If you can allocate a large chunk of your monthly expenditure to protein supplements, the Vega Sport Protein blend is the ideal investment. It may be a little more expensive than regular plant-based proteins, but the tradeoff is worth the cost.

The nutrient profile and the quality of ingredients are sure to transform your muscle growth and give you that extra oomph to take your body to the next level. If you’re looking for a vegan supplement with more nutritional benefits than just protein, then read our Vega One review.

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